1,000 people die every single day from out-of-hospital Sudden Cardiac Arrest. That’s 356,000 per year. One day, one of those people might walk into your office, gym, or store…but will they walk back out?

If you own or manage a business where employees and/or customers frequent, you need to have an Automated External Defibrillator (AED), possibly more than one depending on the size of the building/number of people. I’m willing to bet you have a fire extinguisher and escape route, a disaster response plan and maybe even an active shooter plan. So, why not a cardiac emergency plan? Most folks don’t even know they are at risk until it is too late.

Too many times we have heard, “An AED could have saved his life, but there was not one available.” Why not? You cannot hurt someone with an AED, you can only help. The AED will only shock if needed.

Unfortunately, there are also many tragic stories where an AED was available, but no one recognized the signs of Sudden Cardiac Arrest, did not know where the AED was located, or did not know how to use it. If you have an AED it is essential to have an empowered team to use it.

Owning an AED and having a cardiac emergency plan may seem complicated, but it can actually be very simple.

The AED is the first step. Our team is here to help determine which is the best for you, how many you need, and where to place them. But, just having an AED is not enough.

Apollo Program Management helps you keep track of all your battery and pad expiration dates, trained responders, AED locations, and more. Also included is the required prescription, AED law center, Medical Direction, and event review should an emergency happen.

Scout Remote Monitoring System remotely monitors your AED via cellular signal, minimizing manpower to manually check the AEDs and ensuring regular checks so that you know your AED is always ready.

Vera Training Solutions provides convenient, online training and certification so that your people are empowered to act in an emergency and use an AED.

Eva Empowerment Resources gives you free tools to create a Culture of First Responders™ in your organization. Make sure everyone knows where the AEDs are, how to recognize Sudden Cardiac Arrest and more.


Don’t wait until something happens to create your cardiac emergency plan. Be ready now, so no one loses their life when it could have been prevented.

So the question becomes- why wouldn’t you have an AED and cardiac emergency plan?


Curious if your organization is prepared for Sudden Cardiac Arrest? Download our free Readiness Checklist to find out!