Hi, I’m Kate, Summer Analyst at RescueStat, and I recently finished my freshman year of college. I am a Data Analytics major with a strong interest in harnessing technology to drive efficiency and productivity. From a young age, I’ve always wanted to find a way to channel my academic interests into a force for good. Through RescueStat, this aspiration became a reality.

A few months ago, if you had asked me to describe Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) or even the purpose of an automated external defibrillator (AED), I would have been at a loss for words. However, through my internship at RescueStat, I learn more about this critical issue every day and am left feeling empowered to spread awareness about SCA and make a difference in saving more lives!

It is standard for most of my peers to spend their summers doing internships to expand their professional development. While many of my peers opted for internships at large companies, I wanted a different experience. I sought an up-close observation of a small, growing company with a unique mission, and RescueStat was a perfect match. 

These past few months at RescueStat have been a memorable experience. As I immerse myself in the company’s purpose, I now recognize the pressing magnitude of Sudden Cardiac Arrest. What shocked me most was that many of the deaths caused by SCA could be prevented through timely and correct intervention with CPR and AEDs. 

Many of the buildings on my college campus have an AED cabinet, and I used to assume that simply having an AED on-site meant we were fully prepared for an emergency. However, I now understand that proper training and education are equally vital in saving lives. The AED is just the first step. This sobering information emboldens me to be more involved in the mission of RescueStat to equip individuals with the knowledge to save lives. 

One of the most inspiring aspects of my internship was witnessing the transformation of the business in just a few short months. One of the reasons I was motivated to join RescueStat was the opportunity to witness the rapid growth and expansion of the company. It is a unique experience to be part of a business where my efforts and contributions can be seen making a difference at a higher level. I feel valued as an individual, not just another cog in the wheel. This encourages me to work even harder because every task I undertake feels purposeful and impactful. This internship is teaching me that each one of us has the power to affect change, no matter how small our role may seem.

In addition to the life-saving mission of RescueStat, the collaborative and fun environment makes every day enjoyable. The company is committed to making the workplace a safe and comfortable environment where everyone feels heard and valued. I am grateful to work with amazing mentors that allow me to delve deeper into the details, both small and large, of running a business. The team-building activities and company walks provide fun ways to cultivate a supportive and close-knit atmosphere.

Our CEO often emphasizes the idea of falling in love with a problem and using that problem-solving passion to drive change. As my internship draws to a close, I look forward to replicating this experience by falling in love with more problems and creating more change and positive impact in the world! Thank you RescueStat!