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It was just after 9pm one evening in June 2022 when 16-year-old Michael Serbicki suddenly collapsed while playing outdoor basketball. He had suffered a sudden cardiac arrest, but because of the immediate actions taken by his friends and quick access to an AED, he is alive today.

Nate Jordan, Toby Ford-Monroe and Mason Matulatis knew exactly what to do when they saw their friend collapse, because of a CPR class they had taken in school. When they realized that their friend was unresponsive and not breathing they called 911 immediately, started chest compressions and ran to get the AED from the nearby outdoor SaveStation.

Watch their interview! https://www.ktvu.com/video/1096194

This SaveStation with its life-saving AED was placed at the Sonoma Valley High School basketball courts less than a year ago, in memory of another Michael – Mike Brindley, who sadly lost his life in 2016. Michael Brindley was only 16 when he also experienced a sudden cardiac arrest while playing basketball at a summer camp.

After their tragic loss, Kristy and Bob Brindley founded the Just1Mike Foundation to honour their son Michael. Their mission is to prevent any more deaths from sudden cardiac arrest by educating the public about the importance of CPR, advocating for quick access to AEDs and promoting youth heart screenings.

Working together with our partners at RescueStat, our team helped the Brindleys to place this outdoor SaveStation in Michael’s memory to protect others. It is incredible that this recently installed AED was needed so soon, and that this heart warming initiative enabled these three young men to save the life of their friend.

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