You may have heard of AED remote monitoring, maybe you haven’t been paying attention to it, or maybe you aren’t sure how it would be beneficial to you.

We say it every day and we’ll say it again, it is vital that AEDs are ready to shock– whether that be in a small, low-traffic location or a busy building with thousands of people. An AED should be available and ready to shock within 3 minutes, and you never know when Sudden Cardiac Arrest will strike.

This is why we recommend having Scout Remote Monitoring System installed with any and all AEDs, but remote monitoring becomes even more beneficial in certain circumstances.

How many AEDs do you have in your organization?
(If the answer is 0 we need to have a talk!) Some of you may have answered 1 or 2, while others said something like 63. If you said something like 63, you are aware that it is no simple feat to manage all of those AEDs.

Now, how many times has this happened to you?

  • Multiple staff turnovers, so no one truly knows the status of the AEDs
  • A new employee starts and discovers most all the AED batteries are expired, and some AEDs aren’t where they are supposed to be
  • Something started beeping… what is that? WHERE is that? Is it the AED?
  • No one is checking the AEDs regularly, or even at all

Remote monitoring comes in handy in all these scenarios. ScoutRMS sits behind your AED and listens for the AED’s self-test. If ScoutRMS detects a failure, you are immediately alerted so you can go to the AED and fix the problem. ScoutRMS can even detect if an AED has been moved, so you always know if the AED is in its proper place.

ScoutRMS seamlessly reports to your AED program management system (we know you are all using ApolloPM for that right?), so managing all of those 63 AEDs (or was it 65?) is a piece of cake.

ScoutRMS is not meant to remove human checks (we’ll get more into that later), but instead makes visibility easier, more frequent and more reliable. Remote monitoring saves time and paired with Apollo Program Management, keeps your program organized. How many times do your AEDs get checked by a human? Once a month? Quarterly? Ever? Every time the AED performs a self test (usually once a week, depending on your AED) ScoutRMS is listening.

Protect your organization, your staff and your customers. Make sure they make it home to their families every night by ensuring your AEDs are ready to preform when needed.

Need more proof? Schedule a demo and we will walk you through the system via video call. If you still aren’t convinced, we’ll even send you a demo unit to try for 8 weeks!