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scout [ skout ] verb
to examine, inspect, or observe for the purpose of obtaining information

Our patented IoT remote monitoring technology senses if your AED is present and then listens for failures. If your AED fails its self-test, ScoutRMS alerts you to make sure your AED is always ready!

Scout Remote AED Monitoring Device

Take the guesswork out of AED monitoring, reduce costs and scale your program


Patented, innovative IoT technology paired with expert humans

No need to purchase a new AED

Cost-effective, reliable and simple

Integrates seamlessly into online dashboard

Suitable for stationary and mobile AEDs

Cellular connectivity: Skip the Wi-Fi passwords and IT hassles

For Mobile AED Fleets

ScoutRMS MINI has all the same great features as ScoutRMS, but in a compact form, allowing for convenient monitoring of AEDs that are on-the-go.

ScoutRMS MINI saves time and manpower on inspections, and enhances device security ensuring your mobile AED is always ready to shock.

How it works

  • $Sensor identifies the AED presence and scans AED's required self-test
  • $Reliable cellular IoT technology transmits AED status
  • $Easily installed in minutes in any cabinet or case behind the AED
  • $AED readiness status and related information tracked via portal/app
  • $Expert human support and access for real-time assistance

See the status of your AED directly in Apollo

Apollo is mission control for your AED program. Stay compliant, check AED laws, track training, monitoring, and more!

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