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Apollo Program Management is your mission control to get your AED program off the ground and return your people safely back home each day. Survival rates for sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) are abysmal at less than 10%. Making an impact can seem like shooting for the moon. Luckily, we are experts in doing that every day, with our average survival rates at 70%.

Apollo Program Management

Apollo is a critical component to save lives and protect your organization

  • ZComplete access to our cloud compliance software
  • ZAED electrode pads and battery expiration alerts
  • ZAED/CPR training certification tracking
  • ZAED registration with local EMS
  • ZSCA event review with our nationally certified physician
  • ZLive expert human support
  • ZAED program design guide
  • ZAED Law Center to understand state-by-state regulations
  • ZSite recommendations to determine optimal number and placement of AEDs
  • ZFDA required Rx and annual Medical Direction Certificate


cardiac arrest deaths over 15 years have been directly attributed to AED failure


of AED failures are due to issues with cables, pads and batteries

(reported by the Annals of Emergency Medicine)

One AED malfunction is too many. Apollo helps catch and prevent these fatal failures, reducing risk to your organization.

Training Video Images on a Laptop

Apollo tracks your trained team

Get a 2-year American Red Cross CPR/AED certification through our virtual training program, then log it in Apollo.

Getting started is easy.