What does it mean to be empowered?


Merriam-Webster defines empowered as, “having the knowledge, confidence, means or ability to do things or make decisions for oneself.”

Empowered is a word we use a lot at RescueStat. We aim to empower bystanders to have knowledge and confidence to act in the event of a Sudden Cardiac Arrest. We aspire to empower organizations to take control of their team’s safety by providing visibility into their AED programs.

So when we were contacted by the Empowered Program Hosted by Meg Ryan, it seemed like fate. Their website states, “Education can empower all of us… it leads to new connections, innovations, conversations, and can ultimately transform lives.” These are things we believe in at RescueStat.

  • Education: More education to the public about Sudden Cardiac Arrest means more bystanders will recognize the signs of SCA and feel empowered to help
  • Innovation: We are constantly improving our technology to ensure that all AEDs are compliant and ready to shock, namely with our innovative remote monitoring technology, ScoutRMS
  • Connections & Conversations: We provide connections to multiple organizations that help others navigate the lasting effects of SCA

And all of these things will transform lives, by saving more of them.

Our segment with Empowered highlights the effectiveness of AEDs in Sudden Cardiac Arrest, but also emphasizes the significance of proper training, maintenance, and compliance to maximize their life-saving potential.

Our episode will feature RescueStat’s medical director, Dr. Tad Cowley; our CEO, Carl Dixon; our CXO, Dana Miller; and our partner in safety, three-time Olympic Gold Medalist and owner of Pivot by KA health club, Kristin Armstrong.

On May 21, our team spent the day with the video crew being placed in the best lighting, mic-ed up and interviewed. The best part of watching these interviews behind-the-scenes was hearing the consistency of the message. From our physician to our customer, everyone spoke about the importance of recognizing Sudden Cardiac Arrest and being empowered to take action. There is hope that through this segment lives will be saved.

At RescueStat, we come to work every day with our mission at the forefront of everything we do: save lives and protect organizations from critical life events. Our simple, comprehensive solutions streamline your organization’s AED program to provide visibility into compliance and readiness. We hope this empowers you, knowing that your AED is always ready to protect your team, your customers and anyone else who may walk through your door.


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